The TEF organizes Community Event on Healthy Exercise and Eating intervention

Healthy Exercise and Eating intervention

Having taken on board the suggestion by the facilitator with regard to my eating habit, I now do not get tired easy and can exercise for quite some time before running out of breath. I can say that this program has been more beneficial to me in particular and wish it will be a continuous one. I would personally like to thank the Director for organising such program. Due to this program, I now feel healthier.

Mr B


Mr B joined TEF four years ago under distressful condition following illness and diagnosis of HIV infection. Joining TEF peer support group has been extremely  helpful. Not only did he increase his circle of friends and adherence to medication but peers has also helped him to drive towards the fundamental desire to  live a quality normal healthy life.The Ernest Foundation has been more of a family to me. I thank the day I joined. My confidence and self esteem have been very low but thanks to the training and workshops I have had have been of tremendous help to me. The group is now helping me to come in terms disclosure, which I believe with time I will be able to deal with it.

Prior to this program, I was used to eating 5 fried eggs a day for my breakfast, something which I really enjoyed. During one session of the workshop when we  were asked to give a story of our life style and I gave mine, I was shown the picture of the heart the effect of cholesterol. When we were asked to perform  some exercise, I could hardly perform and was easily tired.